PYROLYSIS - A Stable Process for Conversion of Biomass to Energy



Based on Frichs Pyrolysis process Frichs BioTech Ltd., a joint venture company between Frichs EcoTech and SKAP Technology, offers turn-key solutions for conversion of biomass to energy.

FRICHS Group is a global supplier of flexible and environmentally friendly energy systems.

The company develops and produces engines and thermal power systems. Moreover Frichs offers a wide range of special engines, gas turbines, emergency generators and accessories from leading engine producers.

Frichs is one of the oldest machine enterprises in Denmark. The company was founded in 1854 producing  steam engines, boiler plants and steam locomotives, later focus was on diesel locomotives, ship engines and energy systems. Today Frichs is a modern, knowledge based technology-company.

New Waste to Energy concept

Frichs is bringing a new generation of energy plants into the market.

SUBLIMAC pyrolysis system are able to convert all kinds of organic material into gas and BIOCHAR (activated carbon) with a fast, efficient and proved process technology without the use of bacteria, oxygen or enzymes. Our plants are environmentally friendly and economically feasible. The capacity of the plants can be adapted to the individual requirements of our customers and with standard capacity within a range from 1 to 100 ton dry solid feed per day


From Biomass to Pyrolysis gas and BioChar






 What is Frichs Pyrolysis?

  • Frichs Pyrolysis is not a burning, combustion, anaerobic digestion, incineration or gasification process
  • Frichs Pyrolysis is a Flash Pyrolysis where solid are converted to gas without a liquid stage (Sublimation).
  • Frichs Pyrolysis is a thermal (>750 oC) decomposition of organic material without the participation of oxygen.
  • Frichs Pyrolysis is an advanced technology to convert solid waste to a clean gas and a solid BioChar
  • Frichs Pyrolysis deliver a clean gas without tar to a gas engine, to a steam boiler or for other uses.
  • Frichs Pyrolysis process is a mechanical process which in principle can be turned on and off if the flow of input material is halted.
  • Frichs Pyrolysis plant has a very low food print
  • Frichs Pyrolysis process generate activated carbon to be applied as filter adsorbents for odour control, fertilizer or as fuel for a combustion process

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