Drying is needed to prepare biomass for pyrolysis process and for ensuring an energy efficient pyrolysis.



Biomass must have a dry solid content of minimum 95% before pyrolysis. Often biomass has a dry solid content of less than 20 %.

Since drying of biomass is very energy consuming we use an energy efficient and environmental friendly dryiing system:

  • Drying Technology is by indirect heating from radiators –180—350 Co
  • Drying with Dry Steam or hot oil medium
  • Closed system without any air, dust or odour emissions
  • Drying the biomass to 95% Dry solid or more.E
  • Energy recovery resulting in an energy saving of up to 85% compared to traditional drying.
  • 100—120 Co hot water from recovered Water vapor

Example of a drying system and main parameters: