Our partner in Vietnam:

Skap Technology has been active on the Vietnamese market for several years. Our partner in Vietnam is CleanTech Ltd. located in Ho Chi Minh City and experienced in particular waste water treatment.

CleanTech is also our representative for supply of FRICHS Pyrolysis System in Vietnam.

CleanTech supply the following services:

 -       Consultation, design and construction of wastewater treatment systems

-       Consultation, design and construction of supplywater treatment systems

-       Consultation, design and construction of exhaust gas treatment systems

-       Reports on environmental impact assessment (EIA)

-       Report on Environmental Protection Commitment

-       Detail Environmental Protection Scheme

-       Simple Environmental Protection Scheme

-       Completion Report for Environmental Immpact Assessment (EIA)

-       Completion Report for Detail Environmental Protection Scheme

-       Environmental monitoring quality report.

-       Discharging Report

-       Discharging Permit Extension

-       Solid waste, hazardous waste Management Report

-       Hazardous Waste Generator Registration Report

-       Exploitation ground water Report

-       Exploitation surface water Report

-       Prevention and response to chemical incidents

-       Synthesis environmental service advice

-       Environmental treatment chemicals

-       Meters of wastewater flow

For more information about CleanTech Ltd.:  www.cleantechenpro.com/en