The AMRECO concept uses a MAP process followed by a regeneration process which is able to concentrate the nitrogen of up to 1000 times and regenerate up to 99 % of the additives which are used by the MAP process, - quickly and efficiently.
Characteristics of the process:

  • Process time is in minutes. The low processing time means minimal space requirements for installation
  • The process is independent of the C/N ratio of the water. This is an important factor, as it enables both an anaerobic pre-treatment of industrial waste water (more economical solution), and eliminates/reduces the need for further biological nitrogen removal.
  • Only ammonium nitrogen is removed. By biological anaerobic degradation of organic compounds, there is a release of ammonia nitrogen which is optimal for AMRECO process.
  • There is produced a nitrogen concentrate (liquid or solid) which may be used as an agricultural fertilizer

General mass balance for AMRECO process:

AMRECO - Sewage Sludge:

For sewage sludge handling AMRECO can also be used in a combination with Pyrolysis for solving the following issues in sludge handling on STP:

  • Internal ammonia load on the WWTP originating from N-rich reject water from dewatering units.
  • production of energy from Sludge
  • Elimination of sludge storage and disposal on land
  • Re-use of nutrient in reject water and BioChar from pyrolysis