Biomass need to be prepared and conditioned before it can be used in FRICH Pyrolysis system.

The main requirement are:

  • The biomass must have a Dry Solid content of min. 95%. To obtain this we use a high-efficient drying system based on GrainWoood Sytem. see more: Drying of Biomass
  • The biomass must have a maximum size of 35 mm. If it is larger a shredder/crusher are needed prior to the Pyrolysis process. The choice of shredder/chrusher depend on the specific biomass to be treated.
  • If glass and metals are present in the waste/biomass e.g. in Municipal Solid Waste, this need to be minimized before Pyrolysis. If metal content is too high it may reduce the quality of the BioChar. Usually a rotating drum screen and a metal separator are use in this case. Specific choice of equipment/Brand depend on the composition of the biomass