Frichs Ecotech is bringing a new generation of energy plants into the W2E market. A SUBLIMATOR plants capable of converting most kinds of organic material into gas and activated carbon or BIOCHAR in a fast and efficient way without the use of bacteria or enzymes. Our plants are environmentally friendly and economically feasible.

SUBLIMATION means going from solid form to gas form without passing through the liquid phase It 

Frichs Sublimator is a Flash Pyrolysis Process based on advanced technology to convert solid and liquid waste to a clean gas and solid activated carbon.  It is not a burning, combustion, anaerobic digestion, or incineration process.   A clean gas can be delivered to gas engine/turbine-generators or other uses. Activated carbon or BioChar is generated for uses as filter media, adsorbents for odor control, fertilizer. Alternatively, the energy content can be used as fuel in conventional combustion plant. 

Conversion of the material is controlled within a closed pipe system and sealed equipment without any emission to the exterior, - the process is classified as a closed loop system. There is no waste water; no odor or particulate; no ash; no tars, oils or liquors.  As a closed loop system with an inert atmosphere it has the inherent ability to avoid emissions of hazardous fractions such as heavy metals, sulfur oxides, dioxins and furans.

The FRICHS-ECOTECH Sublimation Process is a Flash Pyrolysis process which means that all the volatiles are transformed into gas within seconds in order to avoid the traditional problems with tar as seen in traditional gasification. In order to have an efficient process it is important that the raw material is shredded into particle sizes of max. 25-30 mm. The process temperature is 750-850 ° C, depending on the raw material.



Before starting up the plant, the system is flushed with Nitrogen in order to create an inert atmosphere.  As the feedstock enters the Sublimator, it is heated, instantaneously, to above 750o C. The entire “hot zone” is enclosed in a shell that is highly insulated for high thermal efficiency.  Within seconds all of the volatiles are “cracked” and driven from the material and captured as a combustible gas.

No oxygen is added at any time to the process. The gas produced is therefore not a Syngas but a gas with a heat value close to biogas from an AD plant.

Since the gas direction is the same path as the remaining carbon being produced (BioChar), the carbon chemically captures any “nasty” elements, leaving the gas clean and sweet (devoid of any sulfur, chlorine, etc.).  The rapid expansion of the gases performs the function of activating the remaining carbon material.  The resulting gases that form are precisely drawn off, cleaned and cooled using a proprietary process. Eventual small amounts of long chain hydrocarbons are sent back to the process. There will be no polluted water from the process. The gas is then sent to use in an engine-generator, a FRICHS CHP, for generating electricity and heat (or cold). After cooling, the BioChar is screened, graded, and processed for further utilization.

Applications of Frichs Pyrolysis

·         Sewage sludge

·         Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

·         Wood Waste (wood chips, bark etc.)

·         Animal Manures      

·         Food waste

·         Automotive Shredder Residue

·         Other organic materials